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Why CWICS Ltd?

Retaining our services is the best possible option you selected that will help you make your dream comes true.

On one hand complete and accurate application makes a big difference for the positive outcome and on the other hand incomplete applications can causes unnecessary delays and costs that may also affect your application outcome. For that to happen you have to include all the necessary information in your application we had asked for; and that your documentation is complete and accurate.

Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant is equipped with the latest information on immigration law, procedures and practices and all our team members adhere to a strict, enforceable Code of Conduct of The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) We will handle your immigration matters in an uncomplicated, efficient and a timely manner.

Our regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant is an active member of the regulatory body “The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) “that assures you the quality we provide to our clients. Visit for further information.

Vision: To be recognized and respected as one of the successful leaders in the Immigration Consultant Services   by our clients

Mission:To achieve our vision to be a successful leader in the market we would like to do the following:

Provide quality service to all our clients with the aim of building a long-term relationship with them, this reflects trust and satisfaction. Every client is special to us and we ensure that we give individual attention to them.

Expand the awareness of Canadian Immigration Programs globally

Values: CWICS is committed to promoting high ethical and professional values in an immigration consultancy services. We make every effort for superiority in all our actions. The establishment of our consultancy service is built upon:

Reliability: We act with honesty and trustworthiness both to our clients

Responsibility: We are accountable to all our clients.
We maintain and support high standards of practice in the delivery of quality consultancy services to our clients.

Respect: We build professional partnerships through agreement and teamwork. We value the equal opportunity, dignity, diversity and privacy of all.

Assurance: We are committed to provide high standard service to our clients for the best interest of Canada and its economy
We are proactive in meeting the needs of our clients – Canadian employers, International workers, skilled workers, Temporary workers, Business programs related clients, and other clients across the globe. We will act in the best interest of the client, providing professional services with integrity, objectivity & independence We will not encourage unrealistic client expectations We will, before accepting an assignment, reach a mutual understanding with the client as to the assignment objects, scope, work plan and costs We will treat all client information as confidential.


Salim Contractor, M.Sc. (Microbiology) (First Class)

Regulated Canadian Immigration consultant

Department of Bioscience, South Gujarat University, Gujarat, India

Diploma in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology

Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Toronto, Canada

Diploma in Biotechnology (Industrial Microbiology)

Centennial College, Toronto

-Medical Laboratory Technology program for internationally Graduated MLT

The Michener Institute for Applied Health Science, Toronto, Canada

-Molecular Diagnostics Program

The Michigan State University

-Certified Medical Laboratory Technologist since 2006 (CSMLS), Canada

-Diploma in Immigration Consultant program – CSIC e-Academy

Salim, a Canadian citizen immigrated to Canada as a skilled worker from India in 2001. He
studied in Canada (in Health care area, Pharmaceutical area, Clinical research area, Molecular
Diagnostics etc), got certified as a Medical Laboratory Technologist and currently working in the
hospital as a Medical Laboratory Technologist in Canada.  Salim Contractor is fluent in English,
Gujarati, and Hindi and Urdu languages. He received his Master degree from South Gujarat
University, India and graduated with high grades.

Salim is a Regulated Canadian Immigration consultant (R409263) who helps clients, supervises each client’s application process from start to finish for all Canadian immigration matters.

It’s in his nature to help others, to share and gain knowledge and now its time to help you serve
better for your better future whether you are in Canada or living any other part of the world.

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